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How Do I Have iCloud Only Save Desktop Files and Not the Documents Folder?

With the new Sierra macOS it is now possible, in System Preferences, to have Desktop files and the Documents folder saved in iCloud. But, as with a lot of other people, my Documents folder is very large, and I don’t want to burden iCloud with all those files. Is there a way to specify that only Desktop files be automatically saved in iCloud? I haven’t seen such a way, but perhaps it is some hidden tweak.
Richard Fuhr

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    4 years ago

    No. It is either both or neither. But this still gives you lots of options. For instance, you could create a second Documents folder in your Home folder and store the bulk of your files in there, and only some in the regular documents folder. I don’t like this idea for organizational reasons as I like to treat my Documents folder as something special.
    Personally, I try not to use my Desktop folder at all. I only put something there for a very short period of time — like minutes. Perhaps after an export or while I am trying to figure out where it should really go inside of my Documents folder. I’ve trained myself to keep my Desktop empty (and clean!)
    You could always do combinations of storing things in your iCloud Drive folder and putting aliases to them on the Desktop — in the case where you have a file you access daily (a journal, business time tracking, etc).

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