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How Do I Have Screenshots Appear As JPGs?

Can anyone tell me why my screenshots on Mac Monterey suddenly changed to png instead of jpg and even if I convert them to jpg they don’t show any thumbnail picture now – only the Preview icon? Is there a way to make them appear as jpg again?

I sometimes need to take screenshots of various instructions that include pictures – and in conjunction with training modules related to my job. When they appeared as jpg until a few minutes ago, it was easy to see which picture was which from the thumbnail without even naming them. I just took a couple dozen screenshots and then found they were png with no picture to identify them with quickly.

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    2 years ago

    PNG is the default. If you had them as JPEG images before, you had probably used a Terminal command, maybe some time ago, to switch it. Note that PNG is lossless and pixel-perfect, which is ideal for screenshots. JPEG will be smaller, but lossy, which may or may not be what you want, especially if this is for work. I always use PNG for screenshots.

    In the Terminal, you can use this to change the file type:

    defaults write type jpg

    As for the icon, check in the Finder by going to View, Show View Options, and look for the Show Icon Preview checkbox. Note this is a per-folder setting. So have whatever folder you are using for screenshots selected at the time. Could be you are talking about the Desktop, so have the Desktop selected.

    If screenshots still don't have a preview icon generated, try a restart.

    2 years ago

    Thank you. That was the best, concise, helpful information and it worked. All your videos are great too!

    2 years ago

    I forgot to mention I will stay with the png (I guess it always was). Now that I have the icon preview pictures showing again it's all good. Thanks again!

    png or Jpg
    2 years ago

    Very useful, thanks!

    Kelly Stuart
    1 year ago

    TinkerTool is a free app that can modify system settings such as the screenshot default setting and which does not require getting underneath the hood i.e. using the Terminal.

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