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How Do I Help a Widow Transfer Dead Husband’s iCloud Account?

The widow of my dead friend has his iCloud password to access his account to see photos (for example) but wants to move all his content to her iCloud account. She has inherited his MacBookPro, iPad and iPhone and can unlock all devices but does not want to loose any data when she changes administrator passwords.
Obviously she could continue to log in to his iCloud account, but would rather move all content to her own iCloud account.
Rod Lewis

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    2 years ago

    It is just a matter of actually moving it. In the case of Photos, I would drag and drop (or export) all photos to a folder on the local hard drive. Then back that up. Then transfer it to her Mac’s account. Then drag and drop it into her Photos app to add it to her iCloud account.

    The same is try for any files in iCloud Drive. Drag and drop. Back it up. Bring into her iCloud Drive.

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