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How Do I “Hide” From Spotlight Particular Folders Within My Notes Application?

There are several Folders within my Notes app that I no longer use but want to keep them… just in case I need to reference items in them in the future. When I do a Spotlight search… I’d like Spotlight not to look in those folders. Is there a way to do that?

Currently Spotlight results show many of the items within those Folders in Notes that I don’t want to see. They take up a lot of screen space and make it harder for me to sift through them to get to what I am looking for.

Device: Mac Running Monterey

App: Notes
Doug Brandt

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    2 years ago

    Locking them in the Notes app with a password should remove them from Spotlight. Just make sure you don't forget the password for locked Notes.

    Otherwise, you could export them as PDF documents, save them to a folder or old archived notes, and then include that folder in System Preferences, Spotlight, Privacy. You wouldn't be able to edit the notes, but the information would still be there in case you need it. You could also copy and paste the notes to rich text TextEdit documents if you want a format that can still be edited later on.

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