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How Do I Hide Sidecar Files?

I am using ON1 as my photo editor. The application does not include a catalog so all my photo files are are contained in Finder folders. The system works fine but every file included one .xmp file and one ,ON1 file, collectively called sidecar files.

There must be a way to hide these files on a universal basis using Terminal or perhaps a third party app.

Sure would appreciate some help.

Signed Frustrated

High Sierra, 2016 MBP
Steve Housley

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Hide Sidecar Files?”

    2 years ago

    So every photo has two additional files with it? How annoying. I wonder why they don’t just create a little database and store them there. Never heard of ON1 before. Why not just use Photos? What advantage does ON1 give you?

    I suppose the answer is to simply not look in the folder with your photos. Maybe create a Smart Folder that is set to show only files in that folder that are not .xmp files or .on1 files. Then use that Smart Folder instead of looking in the real folder. But it won’t help you add files to it.

    How about just turning on Arrange By, Kind? Then at least you can just see all of your image files grouped together and ignore the rest.

    Steve & Sharin Housley
    2 years ago

    ON1 is comparable to Photoshop and others of that caliber. ON1 has it’s own catalog that does not reveal the sidecars but the downside is that ON1 uses Finder folders as a root. Anyway, I really thought it would be as simple as using Terminal to hide the sidecars the same as Apple hides their own files. Thanks for your suggestions

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