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How Do I Highlight a Full Row In Numbers Based On Value Of a Single Cell

I am using numbers 4 for iPad. I need to highlight an entire row in the table based on the value (TRUE/FALSE or 1/0) of a specific cell. I donā€™t want to compare each cell value to the another cell. For example, a row has a checkbox, if the checkbox is clicked (TRUE) then highlight the entire row.

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    6 years ago

    You can't highlight the entire row automatically. But you can highlight the cell. That's called Conditional Formatting. Select the entire column with those true/false cells. Then tap the paintbrush button, select Cell and then scroll down to tap Add Conditional Highlighting. You can have that cell change background color when it is true.

    You may also want to look into filters. You can have the table automatically only show those rows with a true in that cell. Tap the top of that column and select Column Actions. Then Add a Filter. So then you would only see the rows with true in that cell, but all the rest are there, just hidden. You can switch this filter off then to edit the table and then on again to only view the cells you want. You can even, at that point, select all of those rows and change the background color. But that would only make sense if you aren't changing the contents of the table very often since you'd need to remove the background color and re-apply it again any time you have a change to those true/false values.

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