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How Do I Highlight In Mac Notes App?

It looks like Apple Notes does not have built-in highlight feature. What is the work around? Does Catalina have this feature included in Apple Notes?
Sidickk Thaaj

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    2 years ago

    If by highlight you mean a colored background behind the text, no there is no ability to do that in Notes for Mojave or Catalina.

    Alternatives would be to underline, bold, change the color, font, etc. So there are lots of ways to make text stand out besides a colored background.

    Hard to make a good suggestion without knowing the WHY here. Are you trying to annotate some notes taken in a class or meeting? Maybe then the Notes app isn’t ideal for that. It is a productivity app. For note-taking in class or meeting situations, you could always use Pages or Word or some other word processor. There are also dedicated apps for taking notes in classes or meetings too.

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