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How Do I Highlight Text In Dark Mode?

Hello all, Im new and learning, or to trying to ! I have an M1 Macbook Air running MACOS15 beta , but I think I’ve had this issue for a while. I am trying to select and highlight text in Safari but my Mac is in dark mode. after a lot of frustration I have found that dark mode is causing my issue and not allowing me to highlight text. If I select light mode it works fine, also if I select auto mode it works too, but I cannot figure out what settings I need to have in place to allow me to highlight text if I leave my Mac in dark mode, which I prefer, all the time? What am I do wrong? Thank you in advance to anyone kind enough to solve the riddle.
Steve Tucker

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    2 years ago

    Are you sure it isn't highlighting? Maybe it is, but you can't see it? Try selecting some text, copying, and pasting into TextEdit to see.

    When you go into Dark Mode, the websites themselves change their styles. So it is up to the website designer to say how the colors look. Perhaps for that particular website, the colors don't look great for selecting text. Try it on multiple websites to test.

    Also, you can go into System Preferences, General to change the highlight color. Try that to see if you can then see the selection.

    Steve Tucker
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary thank you yes that’s it I was highlighting after all and just couldn’t see it I’ve created a shortcut as suggested for fast switching between dark and light modes too! Thanks again Steve

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