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How Do I Import Photos In Albums From My iPhone or iPad?

I have a friend who has lots of photos in albums on the iPhone. The original media on the computer is gone. How can I import the photos in albums (not the camera roll) back to a pc or Mac without jailbreaking the iPhone?
Daniel Annen

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    7 years ago

    I have bad news and more bad news for you.
    The big problem here is “the original media on the computer is gone.” That’s huge. You don’t have a backup? Backups are so so important, and you are finding out why now.
    The photos on the iPhone are not the originals. Chances are they are smaller, compressed versions that are specifically for viewing on the iPhone’s smaller screen. Instead of transferring the large and full resolution files, smaller ones were transferred to fit more on the iPhone. So the “originals” are lost if there is no backup.
    And there is no good way to get the synced photos from the iPhone to the computer. They just aren’t meant to go that way.
    You can email them. That’s a common way to try it. But remember you aren’t getting the original photos. And it is hard to email large amounts — just one or a few at a time.

      7 years ago

      There is an app called “image transfer” where one can move multiply photos from an iPhone or ipad to a PC, apple desktop or other IOS devices, ie, ipad or iPhone. Though I imagine Gary is correct in saying the photos will be a compressed version.

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