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How Do I Include a Stock Phrase At the Beginning Of All My Gmail Emails?

I use an Apple Mac (latest software) with Chrome and send and receive emails on Gmail account. I would like to have a brief, stock phrase repeated at the beginning of my emails without retyping it.
William Threlfall

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    5 years ago

    Are you using the Apple Mail app? Or the web-based version of Gmail? I'm going to assume the latter, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned that you were using Chrome.

    In that case this is really a question about Google's Gmail service, and not Mac or anything Apple. But I'll take a shot anyway.

    I think the easiest way would be to just make your message your email signature. You can change your signature in the Gmail settings on the site. Put everything you want in there, from this intro message to your actual signature. Leave a blank line in the middle for your actual message. Then, when you compose a new message, just add that message into the middle at that blank line.

    You could also use System Preferences, Keyboard, Text, to add a text replacement with your message. So you could have "emx" or something be replaced with your whole message. Then just type emx at the start of a new email. The advantage here is you could have several variations with several replacements. And it would work in Mail, or the Gmail website.

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