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How Do I Increase the Font Size On the Calendar App?

As I age, Calendar gets harder to read. How can I increase the font size on the calendar itself: eg make the hour designations on the left-most column actually readable? Thank you.
Device: Mac Running Monterey


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    7 months ago

    You can do this easily, but you need to be using the latest version of macOS. In macOS Sonoma it is in System Settings, Accessibility, Display, Text Size. You can change the text size for the Calendar and a few other system apps.

    For an older system like Monterey, you'll need to go to System Preferences, Display and change your display resolution to increase the interface size for everything on your Mac. Chances are if you are having trouble seeing the text in the Calendar app, then you are also having trouble with other apps too. So changing your resolution is a good idea. Try it and see.

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