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How Do I Increase the Memory On a MacBook Air, Early 2014?

My MacBook air is Early 2014 model. It has 4GB of memory and is slow. My question is a. is it possible to increase the memory and b. is it possible to check and clear up some of the hard drive? If yes, can you please send me steps.
Ash Shah

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    2 years ago

    You cannot. In order to make the MacBook Air nice and thin, the memory is soldered right on to the circuit board. You can choose from some memory options when you buy the Air, but the model you get is the model you get. There is no way to upgrade the memory.

    You can clear out the hard drive, sure. It is just a matter of looking at what you have and deleting files and applications you no longer need or want. You can also find old files from old projects and perhaps archive them to an external drive to save space.

    You can go to Apple Menu, About This Mac, then click on Storage. Then click Manage. This gives you some idea of what you have that is using a lot of space. But at some point it will come down to just uninstalling apps and going through your documents.

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