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How Do I Increase the Resolution Of My Main Monitor?

I work on a Mac Pro [6-Core Xeon with 16 GB ram] with 2 monitors :
LG UltraFine as main display connected to the display port in “landscape mode”
PHL 272S4L Philips rotated 90 in “portrait mode” / mirroring off / resolution 1440 x 2560 @ 60 Hz, connected via HDMI.
I have adopted above configuration trying to take advantage, among others, of more area, for my photos in “portrait” format and for long text documents.
The main display has a resolution of 5120 x 2880 @ 60 Hz but there are perhaps limitations on a Mac Pro with AMD FirePro D500.
I am a little disappointed to only have 2560 x 1440 at my disposal on the LG display; however my cursor has a “range” of displacement from position 0,0 on the upper left corner on the first monitor to 2559, 3999 on the lower right corner of the second one.
I did not succeed in obtaining access to better options even following the instructions given in Apple Support. Is this normal? Video card limitation? Rule of weakest link in the chain?

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    6 years ago

    The first thing you may want to try is to go to System Preferences, Displays, and then switch from Default for display to "Scaled" and then you should get a variety of standard options. But you won't get just any option. The idea of 2560x1440 for a monitor with a resolution of 5120x2880 is that you have a higher pixel density. You ARE using those pixels, and images and text look better and smoother. If you have the option of going to 5120x2880 it doesn't add any pixels, it just makes things denser, so everything gets smaller with less resolution.

    For instance, an image you are looking at on your screen that takes up 600x400 pixels at 2560x1440 will actually be using 1200x800 physical pixels and look very nice because of that. But if you switched to 5120x2880 resolution then the picture is half the size and uses a physical 600x400. It is lower resolution and smaller to the eyes, so not as nice. You can, of course, enlarge the image so it is 1200x800, but then what is the point to changing your resolution?

    If you really want to test out all resolutions, beyond the ones showing up in System Preferences under "Scaled" you can use extensions like SwitchResX to gain ultimate control over the screen output. I use SwitchResX to force my screen into 1920x1080 to record tutorials.

    Emile NICAISE
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your always prompt and pertinent advice.

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