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How Do I Install Messages?

I have a MacPro (early 2008) that has been recently upgraded to Lion – I work for a school district, so they are not quick to install a new OS.
I noticed it still has iChat installed, but I wanted to get it upgraded to Messages.
How can I get that upgraded? Or will that be something I cannot install on this old MacPro.
Thanks in advance
Frank Erazo

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    7 years ago

    Messages is an app that is part of Mountain Lion. You can’t get it for Lion or any earlier version of OS X.
    There was a special version of Messages that was available for Lion users as part of a beta test of the system. But that app was removed by Apple after the release of Mountain Lion.
    It is likely that you can use Mountain Lion and Messages on your old Mac Pro. I use a Mac Pro (late 2008) and Mountain Lion runs great on it. It is just a $10 upgrade through the Mac App Store.

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