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How Do I Interface With GarageBand?

I’m new to Garage Band and I want to record my drums, can anyone tell me the best interface equipment to get for my Mac? I have mic’s and cables with XLR ends.
Thank you…..

Nick Moye

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    2 years ago

    I can’t give you a good answer on this since I’m not a musician. Search for “xlr to usb” and see some of the articles and posts from musicians to see what they say. Look at reviews on Amazon too. I’d imagine wherever you go for your drum equipment has some devices there for sale and probably salespeople that can demonstrate them for you.

    Fernando Gonçalves
    2 years ago


    I’ve found the following ebook “The Garage Band – Quick Start Guide” (from ‘ ‘) extremely useful. I am sure Patrick Baird will be able to help further.

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