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How Do I Join Two Tables (in Numbers)?

I have two tables, “Table 1” shares a common attribute of “SKU” with “Table 2”. Table 2 has a column/attribute of “UPC”. How do I express the function that would meet the following conditions:

1. Compare the SKU from Table 1 to Table 2.
2. If the SKU’s match, then have the UPC added from Table 2 to Table 1.

I have created a column in Table 1, but seem to be getting the formula incorrect.
Joshua M.

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    6 years ago

    I assume you mean in Mac Numbers? You never mention what app you are talking about. The language of your question almost suggestions that you are asking about SQL databases, but since I don't cover such things at MacMost, I'll assume you mean Mac Numbers. I'll add that to the title.

    All you need for this is the LOOKUP function. So if table 2 has SKU in column B and UPC in column C, and table 1 has SKU in column B, and SKU in column D (empty), then the formula in D2 of table 1 would be =LOOKUP(B2,Table 2:B,Table 2:C). So it take the value of B2, lookup up its position in column B of table 2, then use that position to get the value from column C of table 2.

    Read more about the LOOKUP function in the function help inside of Numbers.

    Joshua M.
    6 years ago

    Yes in Numbers! Thank you Gary! I will give that a shot! You rock!

    Joshua M.
    6 years ago

    As usual, your instructions work! Thank you again!

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