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How Do I Justify a 2 Year iMac?

As stated before, I want to update my Mac to a new Imac. The problem is that if I buy one now it will be 2 years old already. Still selling at the original price even though it is 2 years old? Last date of manufacture is 2015. Is there a new 2017 or later coming out?
Dennis O’Donnell

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    7 years ago

    So you mean if you buy a new Mac right now, the specifications will be the same as one bought almost two years ago. That's true. But it isn't a two-year-old iMac. It is still a new iMac. Like buying a 2017 new car at the end of 2017 -- it still has 0 miles on it.
    But as for specs, yes, it will be worth less than a late 2017 iMac with different specs. Rumors point to a new iMac by the end of the year. It will probably look pretty much the same, but have a faster processor and a few other performance enhancements. That's my guess anyway.
    Not sure what you really mean by "justify" in this context, but you really have only two options: buy now or wait until a rumored new model comes out.
    If you need a new iMac now, then you have only one option. If you find you'd rather wait, then pick the other.
    A lot depends on what you use the Mac for and what consequences you will face by not getting a new one now. For instance, if you run video editing business and your old iMac just died and you can't earn any money until you replace it, then clearly you need to buy a new one now. The other extreme is if you just use an iMac at home to keep in touch with friends and shop online, and have a working 2013 iMac, then maybe you'd rather wait. Without knowing your specifics I can't really comment further on that. Even knowing them, there are still more factors. Is the cost of a new iMac a drop in the bucket for you? Or will it be a major expense? See what I mean?

    Dennis O'Donnell
    7 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my query. Your car analogy does not work as you say for the 2017 at the end of year would be the same price as it is still new. However it would be on sale price in order to clear old stock. Still I did not think I would get any answer, so your taking the time to chat with me is appreciated! I know what I will do now that you have cleared up my question.

    Raiford Gardiner
    7 years ago

    The depreciation rate for tax purposes is largely based on non Macs which do not retain their value so well. I find there is rarely any significant loss overall. That is not the case for software, especially high end CAD or similar software that costs several times as much as the computer to buy then has a stiff annual fee as well. I run 6 year old CAD and simply don't need the new features" they invent each year, saving enough to pay for a new iMac each year.

    Wayne Welch
    7 years ago

    New iMac this year is more than a rumor. Tim Cook said in an interview it was going to happen, but did not give specific date. Easily verified with internet search. Might be wise to wait.

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