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How Do I Keep From Losing My Bluetooth Mouse Paired Connection?

Every time I use Shut Down or put it in Sleep.. my Mac Mini (late 2012) w/ OS10.12.3 it loses the bluetooth connection I paired to my Logitech MX Master Bluetooth Mouse.
It will pair again, using the Mac Mini Bluetooth Set Up function and stays connected, until the Mac Mini goes in Sleep Mode or I put it in Shut Down. Then I have to pair it again. btw, this late 2012 Mac Mini model is verified & approved by Logitech for use with this MX Master Bluetooth Mouse model.
Is this a solvable Mac issue, or should I contact Logitech for support?

Bill Trussell

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    4 years ago

    First, do you have the software installed for that mouse? Logitech has software for most of their products that you should install to make them work properly.
    This sounds like a problem with the mouse. I would contact Logitech support, yes. Normal Bluetooth devices should remain connected. I connected my TrackPad years ago and haven’t had to reconnect once since then. Same with headphones.

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