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How Do I Keep GIF Image When I Export To Movie In Keynote?

I have a small GIF(71KB) imbedded as an element in a Keynote presentation. When I run as native presentation, the gif behaves properly. When it is exported to a movie, the gif blinks and then goes away.

I have the gif set to loop. Start movie on click is not selected. Play movie across slides is selected.

Keynote 10.1/MacBook Pro 2018 / OS 10.15.6

Thanks in advance.

David R

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Do I Keep GIF Image When I Export To Movie In Keynote?”

    2 years ago

    So I just tried this and it worked. I exported to a movie and it played the GIF on the first slide, then continued to the second slide

    I wonder though if maybe Keynote isn't seeing the length of your GIF. How long is it. Mine plays once, which makes sense. But if you have aGIF that is really just a few frames long instead of many seconds, then it would appear as a "blink" and it won't be around for long.

    Maybe go to the next slide, then Animate, then in Transitions set it to Automatic and then a long delay, like 10 seconds, so it waits 10 seconds before starting the next slide.

    David R
    2 years ago

    Thanks for fast response. Yes it was a short (0.3s) animation developed from a few layers in Photoshop. In native Keynote it just loops until directed to another slide. I lengthened it by duplicating the layers and re-rendering. It seems to wait for GIF to complete one loop before starting timing to next slide. Thanks again for help.

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