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How Do I Keep Junk Mail Off My iPad?

I receive numerous junk mail messages daily on my iPad.

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    7 years ago

    Junk mail, whether you get it on your iPad, iPhone, Mac or any device is something that has much more to do with your email account than the device itself. It should be handled at the account level.
    For instance, if you have an iCloud email address, then Apple will filter out much of the junk mail you may get. If you have a Gmail email address, then Google would do it. If you have a corporate email account, then your company's IT department usually has something set up.
    However, if you are using the default "free" email account from your Internet Service Provider, then there's probably not much they are doing to prevent spam. These ISP email accounts are the worst. Not only do they lack the features that even free services like iCloud and Gmail have, but they aren't portable (change your ISP, lose your email address) and don't filter out junk mail very well.
    So your best bet is probably to switch from a default ISP email and move to either iCloud or Gmail. See

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