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How Do I Keep Numbers From Changing Font Size?

I start Numbers and select New Document. Next step is to select a Template. I created a template that has set the table font to 12pt. I enter Apple in cell B5. The text is in a 12pt font. I now select and drag the contents of cell B5 to cell B6. I then enter Oranges in B5. Oranges will be in 10pt font. All cells in the table are in 12pt font except for cell B5. Why does this happen and how can I stop it?

As soon as I drag the contents of any cell to another, the font size will change in the cell I dragged from. I even drag an empty cell to another and the font size will change to 10pt.

I have macOS 10.15.5 installed with Numbers 10.0.

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    3 years ago

    So you created this template? It is a custom template?

    If so, then how, exactly did you "set the table font to 12pt?" There is no such thing as a "table font." I suspect that what you did was to select the entire table, and change the font size to 12pt for all cells. Is that right?

    If you select a cell and look at the Format sidebar, under text, you'll see the Style for the text in the cell. It may be something like "Table Style 2*"

    So what you have in the cell is "Table Style 2," which is 10pt. The * means it is Table Style 2, but altered. The alteration is the change in font size.

    But you never updated the style. So when you dragged B5 to B6, you removed B5 and it replaced it with a default cell, using "Table Style 2," which is still 10pt.

    So to fix this, go back to your template. Change the cells to 12pt like you did before. Then select only one cell, like B2 -- it should not be a header or footer cell as they use style "Table Style 1" by default.

    Then look at "Table Style 2*" in the sidebar under Format, Text. Next to it is an Update button. Click that. Now "Table Style 2" is 12pt like the selected cell. You probably want to do the same thing for Table Style 1 by selecting a header cell and updating the style there too.

    Now save your template. Your template now has 12pt for the styles as well as the individual cells. So when a new cell comes into existence, as it will when you add new rows or move a cell like you did, it will use the style and the style will be 12pt like you want.

    3 years ago

    You nailed it. Thanks for taking your time to solve my problem.

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