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How Do I Keep the Original Format When Pasting Text Into an Email?

I wrote a novel on Scrivener and then created a PDF of it for queries. Agents like to ask to read only 5-50 pages. When I copy the pages from the PDF in Preview and then paste it into Mail, the format – even though I’ve clicked on “Paste and Match Format” is not the same, especially the dialog, with each character’s dialog on a separate line. It often runs these lines together, and extra spaces are added in the middle of paragraphs, etc. How can I send a copy of the text exactly as it is in the PDF?

I need to copy the partial text of the PDF rather than send the entire PDF as an attachment because agents want the first 5 or sometimes 50 pages pasted into the body of the email.
Douglas Mattingly

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    2 years ago

    If you want them to be exactly as in the PDF, you'll need to send the PDF. You can always open it in Preview, select the pages you want in the sidebar, and then use File, New New From Clipboard to do that.

    But if you want to paste the text the right way into the message, then you need to take a step back from the PDF. What did you use to create it? Scrivener? Then copy and paste from Scrivener, not from Preview.

    Or, you can copy and paste from Scrivener to a new document, then create a PDF from that document. Or maybe Scrivener has an option to export as a PDF only the selected section?

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