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How Do I Know Uploading To iCloud Is OK and Can I Use My MacBook Air?

I have an external hard disk with 200G, and I connected it to my MacBook Air, to copy all the disk’s files to my iCloud.
Upload is taking a long time, of course, but it’s been days and I am not sure about the progress. So I have two questions:
1. How can I know the upload is advancing?
2. If I take the MacBook Air now and work with it, do I have the files on the computer as well, while uploading continues?

I want all the material from my old PC hard disk to be on iCloud, so I can fully transition to Mac.

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    2 years ago

    Look at the bottom of any Finder window and you should see the status bar. Click on iCloud Drive in the left sidebar to make sure you are viewing some content that is actually part of iCloud Drive. Then you should see at the bottom something like: "X items, X available on iCloud" and after that something like "uploading X items (X MB of X MB)."

    If you don't see the status bar at all, look in the View menu for Show Status Bar.

    While files are uploading, they are on your Mac. You can work with them. Don't worry about the iCloud upload. It knows how to handle updates to files and it knows you probably want to work on your files while this is going on. You don't need to behave differently during the upload.

    Depending on your "Optimize" settings, your files may always be on your drive. Or, the older, larger and less-frequently used files may be online. Though you may not notice at all the difference. See

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