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How Do I Know Which APC Power Supply Is Suitable?

I have a 2016 iMac 27 inch and want to have the proper backup power supply. I read that “MAC computers are considered to have PFC power supplies and Back UPS may not be compatible for this device”. This was from the APC technician I had contacted.

Is there any advice you can offer regarding choices of APC devices for iMacs?
Mike W

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    3 years ago

    Just about any UPS you get at a computer store or order from Amazon will be fine. When you hear about compatibility, it is usually referring to the software that comes with the UPS. For years, and still today, many UPSes come with Windows-only software that does things like give you a read-out of the battery on your screen and shuts down the computer automatically when power fails and the UPS is almost out of power too.

    So the software isn’t for Mac, so it “isn’t compatible.” But the UPS itself is just a power strip with a battery. It doesn’t care if you have a Mac or Windows computer plugged in, or a toaster or a table lamp. It just provides power.

    Furthermore, if you plug in the UPS to your Mac (usually there is a USB cable provided) you do get all of the information in the System Preferences, Energy Saver screen. And you can often use the special functions like automatic shutdown when the power is low. It bugs me that for years the UPS manufacturers don’t tell you this in their documentation nor their support.

    I usually don’t bother with connecting it, though, as it takes up a whole USB port and I just want the UPS to protect me from those 3-second power outages and give me time to shut down gracefully for anything longer.

    Mike W
    3 years ago

    I live in an area where the models available commonly come sans USB and software. These are priced at around $100-200. The “pro” models (at significantly higher price) do have the USB connection. The various explanations have to do with very technical issues such as sine wave of the power and the milliseconds it takes to switch to the battery. Way more info than I can follow. Thanks for your suggestions.

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