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How Do I Limit the Number Of Fonts In an App?

I use about 6 fonts at most. Most apps have me digging through menus several fewer long t find symbol , times …etc. I don’t want to eliminate the other fonts, just get them out of my way.
Richard Chambers

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    4 years ago

    There is no way to have an app-specific font set. You can use the Font Book app to easily disable fonts you never use, without deleting them from your Mac. But you can’t use it to turn off a font for just one app.
    I find it doesn’t really take any time to select fonts, and I’ll bet I have a longer font list than you.
    Are you using the keyboard to jump to fonts, such as pressing T to jump to the T-titled fonts quickly? Also, many apps put your most recently selected fonts at the very top.
    In addition, if you use the Fonts panel (Command+T in apps like TextEdit) then you can create collections of fonts to find your favorites easily. Many apps allow you to use the Fonts panel even if they have their own text styling controls. For instance, Pages lets you bring it up (Format, Fonts, Show Fonts or Command+T) even though it has its own formatting sidebar.

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