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How Do I Link the Total Amount From 1 Table To Another Table In Numbers?

I am working with Numbers for my monthly expenses. I have 4 tables in a sheet. Each table corresponds to a certain category of expenses. The last table is the summary table with all the individual totals of each previous table.

I want to link the total of each table to the summary table so when I make changes in the figures in each table, the total will automatically update in the summary table. I did this but it came out error. Please advise how I can do this instead of just manually writing numbers in the summary table. This is difficult.

I look forward to your cooperation and reply.

Best regards,
JR Castro

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    4 years ago

    You left out the most important piece of information: If you said you tried but got an error. What did you do to try? I can’t tell you what the error means without knowing what you did.
    But here is how I would do it. Say, for example, that the first table has columns A-F and rows 1-50. The bottom of the table then has a footer row, 51, that contains the total you are talking about in cell F51. All I would do in the summary table is to but a =F51 there. So you are using the simplest formula of all: one cell equals the value of another cell.
    But since this formula is referring to a cell in another table, not the current table, the easiest way to insert this formula is to use the cursor. So in that cell in the summary table, type = and then click on the F51 in the first table. This will insert the proper formula.

    JR Castro
    4 years ago

    That is what I exactly did. In the cell of the summary table, I typed = then click the cell of another table with the sum. When I clicked ENTER, a triangle with red ? Inside is what came out.

    4 years ago

    JR: Not sure what could be wrong then. That technique definitely works. Continue to work with it and try different things. Think about what you may be doing in either table that may be different than normal. Try this technique in a new document with simple sample data and then compare what whats to what doesn’t. Report back when you figure it out.
    If you want and the document is small you can also put it in a public location (Dropbox or some such) and let me know and I will take a look.

    4 years ago

    Did you click the red triangle?

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