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How Do I Load Archived Music From a Disc Into Apple’s Music App?

How do you import archived music into the new music app on a Mac-mini?

The reason I am trying to import music is that my older iMac crashed and the music in iTunes was lost. I did have a few data DVDs that had my music on them.

When taking with Apple support on another problem (not involving music) they mentioned that with the new music app, I could not load any music onto my new Mac-mini via super drive as I suggested since that is what I was planning on doing… (I haven’t bought the super drive yet).
Millard Grubb

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    1 year ago

    Are these music CDs, or are they data discs with files on them? If music CDs, you would "RIP" them just like with iTunes. Apple even has the steps right here:

    If these are data CDs/DVDs where the music has already been converted to files, you can just drag and drop the files into the Music app like any other files. The fact that they are on optical disks doesn't matter.

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