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How Do I Load My Calendar To an Android Phone?

I have an iMac running OS 10.9.5 and calendar version 7.0. I would like to download my calendar to my Samsung Galaxy Prime Cell phone, model SM-G530T running Andriod version 5.1.1. I would like to use calendar app on the cell phone so that I can keep current with the appointments and schedule that I have. This is my first attempt to download my calendar, but without any success. I have been using the USB cord provided by Samsung to connect the phone to the iMac. It has a mini-USB connection to the phone and standard USB connection to the iMac.
Tony Oliver

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    7 years ago

    So calendars are cloud services, usually today. If you are using a Mac/iOS and set up a calendar it is an iCloud calendar, I assume.
    The problem with iCloud calendars (and notes and reminders) is that they only are accessible on Apple devices. You can also access them via the web at, but this is not as convenient and if you are using an Android phone then you want to have it working on your default Android calendar app.
    The equivalent to iCloud on Android is Google. With a Google account (AKA a Gmail account) you can set up a calendar. You can access this calendar from your Android phone's calendar app, and also the web. And -- most importantly in your case -- you can access it from your Mac's Calendar app.
    So the real solution for you is to switch to using a Google Calendar. Then add that Google/Gmail account to your Mac's Internet accounts and start using that Calendar instead of your iCloud one for events and appointments. Then everything will sync like it should. No need for USB cords or anything like that -- cloud services sync automatically over the Internet and do so all the time, not just when you physically connect the devices.

    Himmat Kalsia
    7 years ago

    Try using SmoothSync for cloud from the Play Store. It works well with icloud calendars.

    7 years ago

    I tried converting to Android for a while. The calendar integration with the Mac was alright. The Reminder's integration was the deal breaker. I use that constantly. There was no good way to sync .Mac/iCloud Reminders with Android services. There were apps for the Mac, but they had to be left running on the computer at all times. No background agents/services. Went back to iPhone and never regretted it.

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