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How Do I Lock a Folder On an iMac Desktop?

I’m trying to find a way to lock a desktop folder via password or in some other fashion. I’ve been unable to find a way to do so. Am using an iMac running Lion 10.7.5.
tom reinken

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    4 years ago

    What you want is not s folder, but an encrypted disk image. I’ve got an old video on that, but since you are using a very old version of OS X it should work for you.

    4 years ago

    He could use command line to set permissions to folder so he doesnt have access to folder, but allow another login (or sudo) to open it

    Akin to how the shared dop folder works – write only no read for other users, e.g.

    4 years ago

    UNIX: that’s assuming he is comfortable using the command line. And the contents wouldn’t be very secure. They would be unencrypted and any admin user could easily just change permissions back.

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