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How Do I Lock Specific Cells In Numbers?

I need to lock selected cells on a Numbers work sheet. I know I can lock the whole sheet, but I only want certain cells.
What I have been doing is making a shape the same size as the cells I want to lock, lower the opacity to 0 then lock the shape to cover the cell. It works, but is really clumsy. Any insight would be appreciated.
Ed Weaver

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    2 years ago

    The key is to use separate tables. With Numbers, you design sheets using multiple sheets per table. See some of the templates for examples — or any of my Numbers videos here.

    So create a table that has the values others can change, and then lock all other tables. This may mean a visual redesign of what you originally had in mind.

    Keep in mind that tables can be as small as a single cell. So it is possible to use a 1×1 table for a value and have that unlocked, and then other things locked. For instance, a mortgage calculator may have 1×1 tables with the amount, rate and time period. There can be text boxes and shapes used around those cells to create a nice design. Those are the only unlocked cells. The table that then shows the schedule of payments is locked.

    Martin Walsh
    2 years ago

    If I follow this and create a form that has locked cells as I need them, can I then export it as an Excel file and the formatting would remain the same?

    I am trying to create a form that can be downloaded, filled in and then returned to me by email.

    Am I being realistic in my wishes?

    Many thanks

    2 years ago

    Martin: It sounds like what you want is a PDF. You can build things like that as PDFs in Adobe Acrobat. Of course it could be way easier to do this on the Web. Build a Google Form and send them a link. Then you get the results instantly.

    Beth Morris
    2 years ago

    There are 5 of us who work with the same spreadsheet, 1 person each wk. The cells I want to lock are the cells that have the formulas, because I don’t want them to change the formulas. I gave those cells a blue color. They know that they are not to put anything in the blue cells. And if they do, they are to UNDO until they get the formula back. But even with all that, sometimes we still have a mishap. It would be so easy if I could just lock the cells. Please Numbers!

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