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How Do I Mail Merge Only Selected Rows Of My Numbers Database?

I want to create letters to different groups in my Numbers database. Specifically, I am dealing with applications to a school, where data is entered according to when received, so grade levels are not in order. But I want to print letters only to a certain grade level, or only to a certain family. I have tried sorting into grades, but when I mail merge into Pages, I get all rows merged in the original order and have to hunt through all the letters to find the ones I really want. Is there any way to “find” a particular name and merge that name only? Or sort by section, such as “kindergarten” and merge only those rows?
Judy Kaplan

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    7 years ago

    Yes, there is a way to do this. What you’ve got to do is to hide the rows you don’t want to print using the Reorganize Panel.
    Basically, select any cell in the table and then choose Table, Show Reorganize Table. There are three parts to the Reorganize Table. The second part lets you hide only rows that meet certain criteria.
    So, for instance, you could set it so your row with the grade number “is” 3 to only show 3rd grade rows. Or, you could create a new row called “To Merge” and then set it so that only rows with a 1 in “To Merge” are shown.
    The other rows are hidden, but still there. Just use the Reorganize Panel again to turn off this option and reveal them.
    Once you have some rows hidden, then a Merge in Pages will only use the visible rows.

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