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How Do I Mail To Mailing List? How Do I Create a Mail Template?

There used to be an option that you could mail to a group in your address book. And you could create a mail template. send out registration documents and info on a regular basis. it was so much easier when I could just choose the mail template with the docs and info included.
is there still way?
Marlene Briel

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    3 years ago

    There are lots of different Mail apps, you don't need to just use Apple's Mail app. Perhaps one of those has the features you need.

    The ability to send to a Group of contacts hasn't changed, though. But if you need to send to a large list, you should use a professional service instead of sending them all from your personal email account which could cause trouble.

    Mail used to have "Stationery" -- maybe that is what you mean by templates. You can still copy and paste into new messages to do this, or use Text Replacements to easily add text to a new message without having to type it all. See

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