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How Do I Make Calendar Alarm Not Just Open but Execute an Automator Workflow File or App?

I’ve created a workflow with Automator. And I’ve created an alarm in my calendar (local calendar on my Mac) opening the

Challenge: the calendar alarm opens the (or automator worklfow file, I tried both) but does not execute it. How to make it execute it?

The goal is to schedule the execution of the workflow created with automator (saved as so that it runs every day at a specified hour, without me having to do anything.

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    3 years ago

    Create the Automator document as an "App" instead of a workflow. Then save the app. This is now a stand-alone app. It should work if you double-click it, so test that.

    Then set the alarm in the calendar to open that app, not Automator.

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary. That solved it.

    For those among you encountering the same issue, pay attention:
    DO NOT: CONVERT from a workflow file to an APPLICATION
    DO: under "file" click "SAVE" (there's no "save as" option) and there, under file format pick APPLICATION

    Ulrich Maasmeier
    3 years ago

    You can always make the „save as“ command visible by holding down the option key.

    Zach Pharr
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary - I am having an issue with the calendar RECURRING events not opening the automator app after the first scheduled instant of the event. Basically, it works the first day - but doesn't work any day after that.

    Any ideas or tips?

    2 years ago

    Zach: Sorry, no tips. Maybe try to create a new event from scratch with a very simple Automator action? If the most basic thing can work, then build from there.

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