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How Do I Make Changes In the Description Field Of “Info” On a Photo In Finder?

I have historical photos that have been scanned and imported to both Photos and Finder. The “Info”attached to the photos has spelling and other errors in the “Description” field which I have corrected in Photos. I am unable to edit the “Info” attached to the photos in Finder so I tried deleting a photo in Finder and then exporting the same photo with the corrected “Info” from Photos to Finder but the Info in Finder returned to what it had been before ie with the spelling mistake. How can I correct the “Info” attached to each photo in Finder?
June Grimmett

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    4 years ago

    I'm not sure what info you are seeing in the Finder. Typically, there is no description field when you Get Info in the Finder. There is comments and the file name, tags and times. So I'm not sure where you are seeing a description.

    Even if you double-click the photo and it opens in Preview, and you view the EXIF info there, I don't see a description field. Or, if I bring up the Preview pane in the Finder, I can see a lot of metadata, but no description.

    How did you add this original description? Was it a special function the camera or an app? That's probably an important piece of information in figuring out how to change it.

    It sounds like what you have is some sort of photo metadata. In the Photos app you can set a title for a photo and add a description. But that is data stored in the Photos Library database. It doesn't change the photo file itself. So when you export you get the original photo with the original metadata.

    There are apps that claim to be able to edit the metadata in a photo. You can search for "photo metadata" in the Mac App Store and see a few. I haven't used any of them myself.

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