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How Do I Make Finder Always Open In Desktop?

I use my Desktop as the location for my work in progress. I keep it managed carefully, so the half dozen or so documents I’m currently woking on are there, all in one place, ready to do. How can I make Finder always open there, so that I don’t have to click down to it every time I want to access one of the work in progress files.
Supplementary to this, how do I make my Mac remember what I opened last? In my (recent) Microsoft days, the PC was clever enough to remember that if I put three pictures into a file one after the other, chances are the next three need to go in exactly the same file (using picture files as an example of what I mean).
Thanks Gary – great fan.
Chris Proudove

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    4 years ago

    To make new Finder windows always open to the Desktop, or any specific location, go to Finder, Preferences, General. Then change the “New Finder windows show” to Desktop.
    I would encourage you, however, to consider switching your behavior to use the Documents folder instead of the Desktop folder. This is exactly what the Documents folder is for.
    Not sure about your second question — missing context. Remember I’m what way? If you save from an app, then the next time to save it should go to the same place. But most apps make this file-specific. So if you save file 1 to location A, and file 2 to location B, then all file actions for file 1 should start with A, and all file actions for file 2 should start with B.
    However, you do have the pull-down menu that appears near the top of any Save dialog that allows you to see recent locations. I use that all the time to save different files to the same location.

    Chris Proudlove
    4 years ago

    Thanks Gary – that’s great.

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