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How Do I Make New Photos Library but Keep Albums Intact?

I have nearly 40,000 photos in my library. I cannot use Cloud as storage option and to sync between desktop and iPad because online connection via very slow satellite (live in remote location) and depletes our allowed bandwidth. Ipad cannot hold complete library, but I always need most recent photos available there. So I decided to make a new library just for ipad with only most recent years (2014 to present) but I want it to include all albums made. Some albums, including smart albums may have some photos from earlier years, e.g., 2008 etc. How can I keep them intact with those older photos, or is that possible? Does anyone have a recommendation? I do have access to a Google cloud drive and Adobe Creative Cloud. Perhaps I should put those older years there or something? Also, I keep photos library on a separate hard drive because it’s so big. Please help!

I have a MacBookPro for desktop and ipad mini. Everything’s updated: Mac Os Mojave 10.14
ipad = ios 12.0.1

Judy K.

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    2 years ago

    Perhaps consider not using any cloud services for photos if bandwidth is a major issue. You could just have everything on your Photos library on your Mac. Then sync using the old method via iTunes to your iPad. Then you can pick exactly which albums to src to your iPad. Or, create Smart Albums and sync those. Or special iPad albums. Or any number of options.

    Otherwise, maybe consider archiving old photos off to another library on your Mac by simply duplicating the library. Then delete some from one library and others from the other library. For instance, delete all pre-2014 photos from one and all post-2014 from the other. The one with the recent photos is your iCloud Photos library.

    I don’t see how using another cloud service like Adobe or Google would help — the photos would still need to be transferred and use up your bandwidth.

    Another idea is to not store videos in your Photos library. I don’t know if that is taking up a lot of space, but for some people it does. I store all my videos separately so my Photos library is just photos. That helps in situations like this since videos can be huge.

    Steve Carrington
    2 years ago

    Gary where do you keep your videos that you wish to show or view separately from Photos?

    2 years ago

    Steve: I don’t keep them inside an app/library. I just rename the files something descriptive and keep them organized in folders.

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