Forum Question: How do I make “Not Now” into “Not Ever”?

Was recently prompted by Software Update to download several updates. I have a MBA and no longer have use for iDVD, so I downloaded all the updates except that one. Now every couple of days or so, I’m prompted to download the iDVD update, even though I keep clicking the “Not Now” button. Is there a way to have it stop asking me repeatedly to download and install the same update?

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    7/14/11 @ 9:32 pm

    First, I would recommend accepting the update. It won’t hurt. And who knows, a year from now you could find yourself with an external optical drive and the sudden need for a DVD.
    I remember refusing an update because it was for printer drivers for a printer I didn’t have. Low and behold my printer failed shortly thereafter and I ended up getting that brand of printer.
    But if you want to do this, then you can. Just click the Show Details button. This will list the updates. Delete Select the iDVD update. Then go to the Update menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Select Ignore Update.

      7/15/11 @ 5:28 am

      I clicked the Show Details button and deleted the iDVD update, but when I went to the Update menu in the menu bar at the top of the screen, the Ignore Update item was grayed out. Does this matter?

        7/15/11 @ 5:59 am

        What you you mean by “deleted”? You select the iDVD update. Then choose Ignore Update.

          7/16/11 @ 12:27 am

          In your initial response to my question, you said “Delete the iDVD update.” So I highlighted it in the Software Update list and hit the Delete button. Poof, it was gone. Is this not what you meant?

            7/16/11 @ 8:06 am

            Sorry, I meant to type Delete. A get a lot of questions and sometimes type too fast to get through them all (email, YouTube, Facebook, this forum, etc). No harm done, though. Next time it shows up, just select ann “Ignore.”

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