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How Do I Make Preview the Automatic Reader Of All .pdf Files?

For some reason, since yesterday, every time I click on a .pdf file, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC opens the file(s.)

In my system (iMac macOS High Sierra 10.13.6) I. used to have Preview as the default .pdf opener/reader. I must have screwed up somewhere!

Do I need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC in my system?
Fernando Gonçalves

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    4 years ago

    To set Preview as the default app for PDF files, just find a PDF file and select it. Then use File, Get Info to bring up the Info window. Then look for the Open With section and click the ▸ triangle button next to it to open that section if it isn't already. Now select Preview from the drop-down list. Then click the Change All button right under it.

    As for whether or not you need Reader, that is up to you. It certainly is a good PDF reader with lots of features. But most people don't need it and just use Preview.

    John Stires
    4 years ago

    Works seamlessly in Catalina. Thanks (yet again) Gary.

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