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How Do I Make Sure Video Taken With My iPad Transfers To My iMac Via iCloud?

Hi Gary, all photos I take with my iPad automatically appear on my iMac via photo stream. I have taken movie with my iPad now but it’s not appearing on my iMac via photo stream. It worked before iOS 7. Please help, thanks
Sylvia cooke

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    6 years ago

    I don’t think Photo Stream has ever worked with videos — at least not automatically, like it does with photos. I can’t check this, since I’m using iOS 7 everywhere (and iCloud is a service that updates itself). But a quick search confirms this — with lots of people in 2011 and 2012 asking if Photo Stream does videos.
    I think it makes sense that videos don’t work with Photo Stream. Video files are HUGE. If done over a mobile connection with an iPhone, most people would go past their mobile data limit in no time. Even over wifi, it would be a lot to transfer automatically when connected. For basic DSL and cable modems, it could take hours to sync videos like that — hours that the user would be wondering why everything has slowed to a crawl.

    You can, however, manually post video to shared Photo Streams (different than regular Photo Stream). Just view the video in the Camera Roll, tap the Share button at the bottom (box with arrow pointing up) and choose iCloud. Then you can send the video to a shared Photo Stream. I’d imagine that it is a compressed version of the video, just meant for others to view, not meant for archiving. So you still want to sync your iOS device with your Mac or PC and transfer the original video file to your library.

    iPad guru
    6 years ago

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