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How Do I Manage a Change Of ISP?

I will soon change my ISP and need to keep ready access to old emails that are now in my Mail file. It seems to me I need two accounts on my Mail program, one for “@oldISP” emails and the other for “@newISP.” Is that possible?
Michael Garland

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    7 years ago

    Mail can handle more than one account. Many people have several accounts set up at once in Mail. So the first thing is to simply create a new account in Mail to match your new ISP, but no need to delete your old one. Leave it there so you can see all of your old email.
    You can go into your Mail settings, look for that account, and then turn off checking for new messages. So if the account is gone, then you won’t get error messages.
    However, you may want to export your email just to be safe. If your old account is using IMAP email, then the emil is really on the server, not your Mac. So you may just lose it all when you are no longer with that ISP. An email export will be a good backup.

      Michael Garland
      7 years ago

      Thanks, Gary. It worked just fine.

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