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How Do I Mass Delete Emails On My iPad?

I want to mass delete emails on my iPad. I do NOT want to delete the account from my iPad, bc I sometimes use it to send an email or look at emails. However, I mainly go through emails on my MacBook or iPhone. So, they tend to accumulate on my iPad. Thank you!
Evie Antonetti

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    3 years ago

    This is usually a symptom of using an outdated or obsolete email system. Modern email systems will keep everything in sync, since they are handled by the server. So if you delete an email on one device, it is deleted on another. If you send an email on one device, you can see it in the “sent” folder in the other.

    Any modern email system like iCloud, Gmail, IMAP, and so on, will do this. But older “POP” email systems like those used by ISPs are way behind the times. If you are still using an old ISP email system, you should move away from it. I have a video on that here:

    As long as you stick with an old ISP/POP email system, you’ll just keep having issues like this. Plus, modern email systems will give you less spam and are portable — so if you change ISPs, you don’t need to change email addresses again.

    As for deleting mass emails on your iPad, there is no good way. You can delete the account and re-add it. That may get you what you want. But very soon you’d be back in the same situation.

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