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How Do I Minimise Blue Light On My iPhone?

On my iPhone 7, and also on a new iPad mini and on an iPhone 8, I would like to limit blue light which I understand is damaging to eyes. (I have already turned on dark mode and night mode for nighttime).
William Pierce

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    2 years ago

    Do you mean Night Shift? Night Mode is a new camera feature of the iPhone 11 to take low-light photos.

    Night Shift is a feature built into iOS. If you have it on, then it will change the tint of the color on the screen to be warmer (less blue) in the evening. The idea is to help you sleep a little better at night. See

    I’ve never heard that “blue light” can be damaging to your eyes in any way. The world is full of blue light. And much more intense than anything coming from your little iPhone screen. In fact, the whole idea that less blue on your screens at night isn’t agreed on. See

    In fact, even the idea of shifting

    William Pierce
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I do have a recent article on the dangers of blue light, which I can send to you if you like. Love your videos.

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