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How Do I Minimize Time Wasted With Spam Messages In Messages On Mac?

On my Mac I receive spam messages in Messages that I do not receive on my iPhone. On the Mac it is roughly 5 clicks to block and delete the message. The process is much simpler on the iPhone, with the “Block and Report” option. But most of the spam does not appear on my iPhone.

1. Why would that be?
2. Why don’t they both show the same messages?
3. Are there any third-party apps to manage spam messages on the Mac?

I am trying to minimize the time wasted on spam messages. Any help you can offer or point me to is very much appreciated.
Leroy Wiley

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    2 months ago

    On your Mac, go to the Messages app. Then go to Messages, Settings. Then look at the iMessages tab. There you will see a "You can be reached for messages at" list. You can see the same list on your iPhone in Settings, Messages, Send & Receive.

    I'm guessing that you are seeing more on your Mac than your iPhone because you are accepting messages from more addresses, perhaps?

    If these are not true spam messages, but from companies that you know or from political sources, then do use the instructions they provide to stop the messages. It is usually done by replying STOP.

    But if these are true spam from completely unknown people, just delete. Blocking probably won't do anything at all as they come from fake or temporary phone numbers or email addresses anyway. So blocking one won't stop you from getting the next. Just delete and move on to minimize the time you spend on this.

    4 weeks ago

    Minimizing time wasted with spam messages in the Messages app on your Mac involves a combination of configuring your settings, using filters, and managing notifications. Here are some effective strategies: 1. Enable Message Filtering: Open the Messages app. Go to Messages > Preferences > General. Check the box next to "Filter unknown senders."

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