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How Do I Modify Text-Box Location Parameters for Printed Envelopes?

The “Sender” text box on #10 envelopes is too close to the left edge when printed using my HP Office Pro 8720 printer (the left-most characters are not printed). How can I change the position of that Sender text box? The default position for “Left:” is 0.278, and I’d like to change it to at least 0.5, perhaps a bit more.

I followed your recent video to bring up the envelope by selecting the Recipient from Contacts, then clicking on “Command-P”, but there are no options for changing those default position settings.


Occasionally, I need to create a physical envelope to return original documents to financial or governmental organizations (instead of pdf “copies” attached to emails). This method creates neat, printed envelopes that suit my purpose.

Ray Johnston

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    3 years ago

    In the Contacts app Print dialog, you can select "Define Custom" in the Layout pop-up menu. So start with your current envelope settings, use Define Custom and name it. Then all of the numbers are editable and you can adjust as you like.

    Ray Johnston
    3 years ago

    Thanks, Gary.
    That worked, but I had to close and re-open the Print dialog after modifying the Text-Box locations before the changes "took". Once created, though, I could re-use them whenever!

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