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How Do I Move a Bookmark Folder To a New Index Position?

Using Mac Pro Late 2013 Mojarve 10.14.3 Safari 12.0.3

Attempting to move a folder by “ drag and drop ” to a new position in Folder Index table using “ Edit Bookmarks ” . Positioning transferring folder icon to required position, adds the folder to the contents of the folder immediately above and does not locate as an individual folder in line with other listed folders. Indicator reflecting travel of folder to new location, will not extend to left under other folder icons, only directly below contents of the folder above. Thanks, your advice appreciated.
David Cotterell

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    2 years ago

    It is tricky to do this, but the key is the left side of that blue line. When dragging, if you go to the left, the line moves slightly to the left to be more even with the folders above it. You’ve got to have that line move to the left, or otherwise the folder will go into the folder above it, not as a peer to that folder.

    It helps that you don’t have to release the mouse or trackpad button until you get it where you want it. So keep moving the cursor and don’t release the mouse or trackpad until the line moves slightly to the left.

    Watch me do it here

    David Cotterell
    2 years ago

    Your advice / guidance is much appreciated and saved the rest of my hair “ being torn out ” after many, many frustrated attempts to reorganise my Bookmarks index. Thanks.

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