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How Do I Move an Edited iMovie Clip?

Hey Gary, Im new to iMovie and trying to find an answer to a problem I have. I started a new project and I’m dragging clips from a flash drive directly into the timeline. So I’ve edited all these clips on this project and now I’m wanting to take a few of these edited clips and move them to a new project. I can’t seem to figure how how to do this, any help would be appreciated!
Chris Hughes

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    2 years ago

    So by edited, I assume you mean things like trimming, maybe applying filters, things like that, right? So you want to take this portion of a clip that you have in the timeline of one iMovie Project and use it in exactly the same way in another project?

    The way to do that would be to simply copy and paste. Just select the clip in the first project. Edit, Copy. Then leave that project, go to the other one. Edit, Paste. You should get the same portion of the clip, with filters and other changes there.

    2 years ago

    I have a similar issue. I am editing clips in a project. I would like to save the edited clips, (30 second segments of much larger - 60 minute- clips), use them in a split screen with each other. I may go back to the original 60 minute clips and use them elsewhere in the project. Is there anyway to save these 30 second clips as new 'clips' or videos? That would them easier to move around. Thanks Gary!!

    2 years ago

    Pete: Just copy and paste from one timeline to the other.

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