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How Do I Move and Then Delete iCloud Photos To an External HD On a PC?

I am trying to make storage space on my icloud photo library. I want to move photos and then delete them from icloud. We keep photos on an external hard drive. First I cannot seem to delete multiple photos with one click. I also cannot drag and drop from icloud. I am also not clear the difference between upload and download. So these are PC questions so it might not be the right place for these questions. Always enjoy your videos and find them helpful! Thanks
Jess Harris

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    2 years ago

    So you are trying to do this on the web version of iCloud Photos? And accessing them in a web browser using Windows? Just trying to make sure I understand where you are.

    On a Mac you can use the Command key and click on multiple items to select them. You have to click on each photo, though. Then you would use the Download button to get them on your local drive. The upload button is for adding photos to your iCloud Photos library. Then you can delete them while still selected.

    Photos don’t take up nearly as much space as videos. So if you have videos stored in your library, maybe consider downloading and deleting them first. You may end up with plenty of leftover room for your photos.

    Mary Ann Storey
    2 years ago

    This is somewhat helpful. I have a MAC laptop and all my photos had been in the iCloud. I had my computer cleaned up and the company back everything up to my external hard drive, I think. Would the photos have been backed up off of iCloud also and so I can delete my photos from iCloud now and Mac? I am paying extra for storage. Thank you.

    2 years ago

    Mary Ann: I don’t know what company you had do work on your Mac and what they did, so it is hard for me to say for sure. But if you have your photos in iCloud then DO NOT delete them. The whole idea is to keep them there. If you delete them then you will most likely lose them.

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