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How Do I Move Multiple Bookmarked Favorites Into (new) Relevant Folders?

I am on an iPad Air, OS 10.3.1. Sadly, I’ve saved tons of bookmarks as ‘favorites’ instead.

I have created folders and can put sites in them easily – one by one. They aren’t in order, but some are alike so I’d like to be able to mark (or select) as I can with photos and move those to a folder – if possible.

I’ve looked online with no luck, so I’m afraid I’m stuck with hours of moving them singly.

Side note, I put everything in favorites because I like access to sites along the top of Safari: I use the site’s icon (w/o text it’s attractive and easy but have far too many. But I need folders (“News”, for example) drop down showing my favorite sites in that category, but most of what I’ve saved to favorites does not need to be in favorites. Many are very important, but it would be nice to select multiple for deleting, also. Apologies for any confusion.

Thank you in advance. M


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    7 years ago

    I know what you mean. You can only move bookmarks one at a time. There is no interface on the iPad that can let you move multiple bookmarks at a time.
    One possibility is that if you also have a Mac and are using iCloud for Safari (on by default) then your bookmarks sync up between the two. So then you can use your Mac to do this, where you can drag and drop and do it much faster.
    If not, hopefully it won't take you hours. Once you get the folders created and you get a rhythm going, you can move them one-by-one rather quickly.

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