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How Do I Move Picture Library From Aperture To Photos?

I have a large picture library in Aperture that I would like to move in to Photos. I have been using Aperture exclusively so there is nothing in Photos currently. I would like to do the copying directly on the Mac and avoid using iCloud if at all possible. Any ideas?

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    3 years ago

    When you run Photos for the first time, it will ask you for a library location. You can select your Aperture library and it will take that library, import it, and create a new Photos library. You can then archive and remove your old Aperture library.

    If you already ran Photos, and maybe create a sample library to play with, you can now do this by holding the Option key when you start Photos. Then you get to select that Aperture library and go through the process.

    3 years ago

    I too have to move my photos from Aperture to Photos; can you please advise whether all the folders and project structure will be retained. My photos are organised by year and then month/event. Thank you.

    3 years ago

    Mary: It has been too long since I have used Aperture to remember all of the organizational structures, so I really can’t say. I think events are turned into albums. But it is easy to find out — just do it. It doesn’t erase your Aperture library. It copies it. So you can still open Aperture and look at that library to compare.

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