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How Do I Move To the Top Of a Large Table In Numbers?

I have a large table in Numbers. I am looking at rows 1200 to 1230 for example. I now want to go to the top of the table. If I press + it puts focus in the topmost cell of the column I am in. But that is a header row and the lower rows are still being displayed. Is there a way to go to the top of the able and see all 5 header rows AND rows 6, 7, 8….?

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    3 years ago

    So the Command+Up will take you to the first cell in a column of a table. But as you have discovered, if that first cell is a header row, it will move the selection to the first cell in the column, but it won’t scroll up the body of the table.

    One easy way to do this is to use Command+Up, and then simply press the down arrow until you go to the first cell past the header rows. In the case of a single header row, that would simply by Command+Up, Down. Then it gets you to the top of the table. But with 5 header rows you would need to press Down 5 times. Not ideal, but it still works pretty well.

    By the way, you can use FN+Up and FN+Down to page up and down in the table. That may be a good option for tables of a few hundred rows. But not really for 1,200.

    Of course you could also start scrolling up to reveal the scroll bar at the right, and then drag that to the top.

    3 years ago

    Great solution Gary! One other option was to create a string in a new row 6 (ex, ttop) then search on it. I like your solution a lot better. Tapping down 5 times is easier than F and typing the search string. Thanks.

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